Thursday, October 13, 2016

Reflections on the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 24, Year C)

Eating Your Own Sour Grapes

God's promises abound, and of equal merit and abundance are God's blessings. It can be hard to see them from time to time, when storms arise in our lives and we feel threatened or on the lip of being undone; but they are there all around us. Moreover, the testimony that God is constant in that abundance can be found, repeated over and over again, in scripture. From the very beginning, God has been with and for us, leaving it to us with the gift of free will to either accept or reject those blessings, embrace awareness of them or turn away.

Two challenges arise: 1) sometimes blessings are hard to see and name; and 2) sometimes pain and grief overwhelm our ability to find joy, in small measure or even at all.

Image result for sour grapesSo, from Jeremiah comes the challenge to embrace the blessings of exile...and of God's steadfastness in the face of the mutable and changing sets of circumstances we find ourselves in more often than not. God says without any room for doubt that the primary connection between a person of faith and the will/law of God will never again be found in a specific place or be set apart for a specific time. It is from now on to be found written on our own hearts. No more transference of debts. No more generational suffering. No more...but instead a radical and personal connection with God (and an ACCOUNTABILITY to God) will be found with each person. Each person now takes a full and complete share of the forgiveness and blessings and also is charged with the responsibility of being a steward for the dispensation of God's grace in the world.

With great blessings comes great responsibilities......

Time to take responsibility for my grapes....sour or otherwise...and bring them to the winepress of God's abundant love.

Now, that's a vintage to honor!

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