Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The Fisherman's Net for Sunday, January 10: The Baptism of Our Lord.

The Feast of the Epiphany is the commemoration of our primary encounter with God, incarnate in the person of Jesus. The season? A series of continual, confirming experiences of this person, this Jesus. He is being revealed to us in his earthly walk as one of us, and his actions and our ability to relate to them as real, and not abstracted, means that this relationship we have with God will from now on be personal, and revelatory. There is no challenge to embrace on our part but to accept and embrace.

With the arrival of Jesus at the Jordan River, the site where John is preaching the coming of the one promised to Israel as the deliverer, the site where the baptism of John offered for the purgation of sin is the very place where Jesus joins us in this life. He is aware of need and want. He is in need and want. He is seeking knowledge of self, confirmation of self. He is there not to give, but to receive a renewed identity....and that comes with John's baptism.

For us? We begin to witness. We witness the heavens parting. We witness the Spirit descending like a dove upon Our Lord. We hear the testimony of the Most High as Jesus is proclaimed beloved, as he is named as the Son. That's our job in this season, to bear witness to the glory of God being revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

Simple, really. And it is in these simple challenges that we are most profoundly transformed. We bear witness to the simple truth that God LOVES us. Loves us so much as to lift up the Son as sign and witness that we will never, ever again be far off from the Love of God made manifest. He is here, now and forever in our midst.

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