Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Summer Read Along: Tobit 6; When a Wise Friend Speaks, Listen!

Raphael begins to do the work for which he has been commissioned. What does that look like? It looks like a series of odd demands. Pay attention! A fish attempts to clamp down on Tobias' foot? Hold on to it! Save its innards? The gall bladder will cure blindness! The heart and liver will drive away demons!
It all continues to center on a God - centered and directed healing process. It's not easy for us to express credulity, as this sounds like an abridged faith tale. It's not easy for us to express patience with the narrative, as its exposition set up events we want to see come to pass.
Can you see the trajectory of these events playing out? Tobit's blindness will be healed. Sarah will have a husband who doesn't die on her wedding night. Tobias will be the hero, and the dutiful son, when he marries a kinswoman and succeeds in not dying.
He just has to maintain his resolve, and his faith in his friend's steadfast ability to direct him along paths that continue to lead to healing...the deep healing that overcomes earthly anxiety, suffering, pain and even death.
The only thing I struggle with as I read....What is it with the dog?

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