Thursday, May 29, 2014

When the Pastoral crises pile up....

This has been a challenging week. We have had a number of parish pastoral crises break, everything from folks going into the hospital for treatment or surgery to folks being admitted to hospice care. We have even learned of the death of one of our more beloved guests from the Community Supper. On top of that, Laura and I have received news of a number of deaths in a previous parish, as well as learning that another person from that parish is in hospice care now after fighting lung cancer for years.

I have seen weeks like this before in parish ministry, and I am aware of how they tend to remain somewhat invisible to the outside eye. With the grace of social media, though, tough weeks like this have gotten a little more bearable, despite their tendency to break the heart down a bit.

A couple of days ago, I posted on Facebook that things were tough in the parish at the moment. What followed was an eruption of prayers in support of St. Peter's, her people and her pastor.

As I have gone from hospital to rest home to private residence to hospital and back again, and as I have been able to reach out to folks via phone and email...I am also so very aware that what sustains us all when heartbreak looms are two very important gifts that being the focus of prayer provides: the first is the sure and certain knowledge that we are not, ever, alone in times of trial; and two, that God is with us and attending to us through the love of Christ and with the support that comes uniquely from being prayed FOR as we travel and travail.

So, know this-at this you read this, you are being prayed for.....

Yes, I know that is bad grammar. :)

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