Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Approaching a new year's worth of blogs: Heart, Hearth and Mind

For 365 days last year, I took on the task of offering a daily (excluding Sundays) blog to support folks in the vicinity of my little corner of the blogosphere with the "Bible Challenge." This challenge offers an opportunity for people to expand their connection to the scriptures of the Hebrew ("Old") and New Testaments. I got a lot out of the experience. It was powerful on both a personal as well as on a vocational level. Seeing the impact it had on folks, and hearing back from them that the observations tendered in the early hours of most mornings gave me an awareness of a Church "out there" that is seeking to deepen its commitment to Biblical literacy, and to more effectively weave the impact of scripture's wisdom into their daily lives.

That's what brings me to this next year's commitment to you, the readers. I would like to invite you into a deeper conversation of what daily life looks like. As we make our way from day to day, I hope that the observations in this blog will assist you/us in slowing down just a bit. I pray that they will provoke us into being a bit more mindful of God being active in and through us in the here and now. I aspire that they will allow us a shot at seeing ourselves in community with each other and God in places and at times that are outside of Sunday morning, church-centered worship.

So, what does that look like? Here goes:

From lessons learned:
  • a daily blog is wonderful, but there were times last year when the need to be a committed spouse/partner and parish priest had to suffer
  • writing on a daily basis was great, but there were times when I felt I did not offer my best in order to "get it done."
  • writing as a reflection on life is great...but that means providing enough real, connected and mindful life experiences as fodder for the keyboard. Writing is not a substitute for living;
We get to the coming year's work:
  • a thrice-weekly posting schedule for the blog
  • open topics that will be related to three basic themes:
    • heart: writing on the connections that bind us emotionally in this life to others and to god
    • hearth: writing on spiritual matters of the home (garden, kitchen, workbench)
    • mind: writing as an exercise to learn, to expand knowledge and experience
  • to place the blog in context with life as spouse/partner; priest and child of God while striving to support improvement for all of us as we progress....
And with that, an invitation...if you are a regular reader, or even an occasional check-in, please know that you are a welcome partner in this journey. If something strikes you, then join in reflecting upon it...feel free to comment and to share your experiences. As well, please feel free to share the reflections that I offer with others. I only ask that you apply appropriate attribution, both to my words and to any that I may quote from other writers.

Look for the first posts to begin next week...and may God bless you in your reading, living, praying and seeking in the light of God's love for us all in this creation!

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