Saturday, December 07, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 335: Micah 6; Psalm 122; Matthew 28

The Lord's Requiring
The deepest challenge we face as people of faith is not that we are required to memorize copious amounts of scripture, or that we have to retain and enact remarkably complicated liturgies and rituals. We are not required to know the whole expanse of the history, theology or anthropology of the Church as it descends to us down through the ages.

The deepest challenge we face as people of faith is summarized into three practices in Micah's estimation: we are do justice; to love kindness; and to walk humbly with our God.

Simple enough, and akin to Jesus' summary of the Law, that we should love God with all our mind, strength and being and love our neighbors as ourselves. Yet, it is the simplest commandments that cause us the most consternation and foster the most conflict in our deepest selves. We want to do these things, and they are so direct and simple....and I can say that almost without fail I have broken at least one of these requirements each morning before my feet hit the floor as I get out of bed. Set aside for the moment our grossest violations, and Micah has a list of those! Embrace the truth in us that we will fall short, and it is in the repentance and seeking of reconciliation that true righteousness is found....and no where else. God's mercy is manifest in that we are given an eternity of second chances. Our daily calling is to make the most of them, so that God's justice and mercy...and our humility...may abound.

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