Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 310: Hosea 13-14; Psalm 104; Matthew 6

Saying "Our God' to the Work of Our Hands
It happens, or we choose to let it happen, more often than not: we see a thing, experience a moment, hold on to a memory, treasure and sanctify a thing or even a person that is not God....as God. We are humans, after all, made and fashioned in the image of God. Of course, we too would be makers of things, made creative by our creator. Where we stumble is when we assume that something we fashion can be holy, can be divine, as God is. There is no substitution for God. If our journey through the Scriptures has taught us nothing else, it is that basic assumption. God is God. Everything else is from God.

Hosea's closing verses hold up that truth, and as Israel and Judah are reminded that salvation is reserved to God, so also all honor, glory and worship are due God. It's a simple thing, but in the practice is fraught with risk. We are not so constant, and have shown only too well our talent for making a fine thing and then imbuing it with the value of the sacred.

Matthew, in Jesus' continuing words from the Sermon on the Mount, adjures us to a practice that makes the same assumptions as those promulgated by the prophet. There is no substitution for a primary relationship with God. There is no other mediation, no object, no outward thing that can accomplish in us that which God is able to effect.

Out call is to a practice of mindful awareness, to discern as we make our daily walk with God that which is of God from that which is our own construct. We might perceive in beautiful, treasured things and practices portals to a more profound openness to God, but we cannot ever allow ourselves to slip into the false assurance that anything but God can be God.

Simple to assert...a lifetime to practice....

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