Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 300: Daniel 9-10; Psalm 96; Revelation 20

How Many Resurrections?
In the book of the Revelation, as we draw to the close of John's vision he is given the glimpse of a resurrection. This is not THE resurrection, but one of them. He sees the faithful dead raised, those who will not see "the second death." This presages the defeat of the Satan, and his being bound with chains and thrown into Abyss for a thousand years. You might see this as a final reckoning. But taken with the other readings, and seeing the span of the New Testament unfolding in our wake with only one chapter left until the "Amen," I am seeing a series of resurrections in our common experience, of which Christ's is both the ultimate and the model for our new life in total relationship with God.

Resurrections come in all shapes and sorts. Daniel is witnessing the first tremors of resurrection as he is given visions of Israel's restoration from exile. We are in the midst of a series of songs of praise in the Psalms in which God is praised for giving new life and renewal to the author and the nation.

New life comes in all shapes and sizes. Scripture opens our eyes to see God's renewal of us, the people and the whole face of the earth as an essential element of what creation is all about. Even while our mortal lives are bound in space and time, God is pointing us toward something more. New life continually abounds all around us...

That is resurrection.

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