Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 286: Ezekiel 33-34; Psalm 85; Revelation 8

Special Note: Today is the 700th post on this blog. I wanted to take a moment to thank all the folks out there who take the time to read, to comment, to follow and support "New Ministry, New Paths." We have come a long way since early 2005, and you all have been faithful as this journey has taken us on so many twists and turns. God is good, all the time...and with you this has been a blessed journey indeed! This last year, with the Bible Challenge, has been a particular blessing as we have explored the scriptures of the Hebrew and New Testaments together. Your support and prayers mean the world to this early morning scribbler. God bless and keep you. For those who follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin as well, Thanks!

Silence in Heaven and on Earth
There is a particular moment before a storm hits that I both love and dread. It's the moment when all the kinetic energy of the storm that has been forming seems to pause before the craziness breaks over us. The winds that have been roiling suddenly calm and prepare to shift. The air hangs still while at the same time it buzzes with the movement caused by rain/hail/sleet/snow that is churns somewhere in the atmosphere above.

The birds fly low to the ground, seeking shelter. The bugs in the meadows fall silent, waiting. Animals that had just a moment ago been moving around in their search for food, mates, what-have-you suddenly scamper for cover.

It is silent, but it is NOT quiet.

And then, the storm.

Today in scripture we hear it in the impending doom of advancing armies. We see it revealed as angelic hosts assemble to bear witness to the ravaging of the earth. We feel it in our bones as we ask God to remember us and give us the peace we know is out heritage, even in the face of strife.

I respect the immensity of our world, particularly when the storms remind us of the scale at which creation really operates. I give honor to a God who continues to call forth the winds, and yet at the same time is mindful of the sparrow sheltering from the same.

May we be mindful of these moments, and with them connect to a God who is always mindful of us.

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