Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 272: Ezekiel 9-10; Psalm 74; I John 4

Knowing Me, Knowing You
I think I am preaching, somewhat, to the choir when I write the God in all God's being God is a bit beyond us. Reading Ezekiel today, the deepest impression we get of God being in the here and now is that the majesty and the magnitude of the Divine Presence while being "like" a human shape has very little that is human about it. To say that this theophany (an experience of God revealing God-self to us) is awesome and great is an understatement. This is something/one more than any human sense can compass. This is an experience that exceeds our senses and our minds' capacities to embrace and process. Even as God's attention and presence are directed toward humans, our sense of being in relationship to God seems to darken and wane.

If God is so great, then how do we ever hope to know God? Or, on the other hand, how are we to make God known?

I John goes a long way in answering that question, and even does some work on mending the breech that Israel's apostasy has caused to open in the relationship with the divine that Ezekiel is in the process of calling out through his visions and prophecies. How do we know God? How do we make God known? Embracing John's theology that God is love, then if we respond to God, in love, with the love poured out upon us and if we also offer that love generated by our experience of God's love to others, then God is present in us and through us, in the world. Being willing to know God means being willing to open ourselves up to God loving us, not because we chose God but because God chooses us. On top of that, having known love in such a way, then the appropriate response is to continually offer that love up to others. It means offering it to everyone we meet.

As terrifying as Ezekiel's visions are, and as daunting as the commandment to love can be if we choose to follow it, both illustrations give us a chance, a loving chance, to both accept a love which we could never earn and at the same time offer that to any other so that the knowledge of love of God ceases to be a scarce commodity in our common life on this planet.

Knowing me, knowing you, God...there is nothing we can do......but to love.

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