Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 265: Lamentations 3-4; Psalm 68; II Peter 1

The Majesty of God
This summer, my wife and I took a trip to Arizona to see some old friends. After a few days of visiting and rest, we took a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Our visit was in the midst of the monsoon season, and thus we had some dramatic weather to contend with, in that nearly every day we would see a storm form (sometimes right over us) that would then shower down both rain and lightning in abundance. Combining the elements of creation on a grand scale, with the Canyon, the broad sky of the Southwest, the dramatic shifts in weather and the changes in elevation that meant it could be in the 40s one moment and in the 90s the next, you get the picture that a human being might feel a the face of all that earthly grace being made manifest.

How much more, then, does the majesty of God appear to us when God's own creation would dwarf our individual persons?

As we read today in all three submissions of the impact on any given human life that God's majesty can have, I am brought back to one particular moment from that trip. Standing on the rim of the Canyon, looking out and into one of the great wonders of the world, I was able to lift up my eyes and see in one quarter of the sky a storm forming and in another three endangered California Condors soaring on the thermals generated by the heat of the desert sun. Even in the midst of the crowds of human beings milling around, I felt a sense of being in a solitary place. My problems and worries, my hopes and dreams all faded away for a few brief moments and I was aware of a God whose immensity and grace in creating all was also concerned with every mote and iota it contained. I might be only a speck of dust, a too-brief flash of awareness in the span of eternity....but as I was suddenly aware of the majesty of God, I was also aware that God was, and is always, with me. This was a feeling beyond humility or despair. It was even beyond a feeling of peace. It was an awareness that God intends through each of us creation itself. Even when we feel dis-integrated or apart from the whole, God is still working to draw us back into the great interdependence that is what is, what has been and what is yet to be in time and space.

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