Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 261: Jeremiah 48-49; Psalm 64; I Peter 2

Endurance is a charged word in today's readings. Jeremiah's oracles for the nations facing the depredations of the Babylonian juggernaut define endurance of the tearing down as being akin to a woman in labor. Endure, and eventually in the wake of all this there will be new life entering the world. In the psalm, endurance is hope...a hope vested in prevailing against (or at the least out lasting) the author's opponents. Most problematic? Peter's gives advice to slaves to endure harsh masters, even while advising us to put up with oppression in the form of Imperial governments. Endurance, I believe, is found in a deeper acknowledgment of present/not perfect situations in the form of invitation from God to BE in the present moment, even if it is horrible, EXPRESS forbearance in the hope of God seeing us through it, PERSIST in hope, action and intent that our role in forming what will be is vested in a vision of the just kingdom God continues to point us toward.

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