Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Challenge Contiunes, Day 198: Proverbs 7-9; Psalm 12; Ephesians 2

Getting to know...
Perhaps the greatest challenge in life if learning. While it is as natural to us as our next breath, learning for human beings cannot remain an unconscious skill. While we are infants, our little, newborn sponge of a brain sops up information and develops skills whereby we can obtain what we want/need from the world. Food, comfort, interaction...the pursuit of it fosters and enriches our minds, and deepens our soul's contact with God and creation. Still, if we remain unconscious of that process...if we just assume it, then we will miss out on a great deal. We might get the "basics," but a deeper journey will elude us. It will continue to do so until we take that unconscious experience and work to transform it into a more conscious pursuit.

That pursuit, of knowledge and of experiences that lead to knowledge, is the very root of wisdom as it grows and blooms in us. Getting to know...people, skill, facts....anything means growing in Wisdom. And if we take today's readings to heart, the. getting to know Wisdom herself is more than worth it. The promise of a good and holy life is dependent upon getting to know this Lady who was there at the beginning with God and who with God delights in what was, in what is and in what is to come.

Our job, one that is as simple as it can be-and yet is as daunting as an attempt on Mt. Everest, is to accept her-Wisdom's-invitation. To take a place at her table and to seek her company is to turn from folly and from the unconscious to the conscious itself. In that, we see Lady Wisdom doing her best to coach the young fool of Proverbs. In that, we hear Paul working hard to inspire the people of Ephesus to seek union in Christ and growth in a spirit of wisdom that continues to form (and reform) the bedrock of our identity as the Church.

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