Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 205: Proverbs 26-28; Psalm 18:1-20; Philippians 2

Every once in a while, a word is worth knowing. Kenosis is one of those words...yeah, I know. You might be asking yourself..."Kenosis!?!" Those of you who know the word, those of you looking it up on dictionary.com or Google, those of you who don't know the word...all are asking, "Why kenosis?"

Kenosis is one of those words from ancient Greek that really carries with it a sense of meaning that is layered over its simple definition. It means 'emptying', a pouring out. Much like one would empty a pitcher or ewer of water.

But kenosis is also the word used to describe the selfless gesture, particularly relating to personal sacrifice. David gifting Solomon with wisdom? Kenosis. Paul offering himself as a testament of the Gospel? Kenosis. Jesus on the Cross? Kenosis.

No small part of our walk with God is a willing pouring out of our selves so that God is evident not only through our works, but given material witness through our very being. In order for that to happen, then we, too, must offer up some of that pouring out. It makes room for God in our lives and in our persons. It allows God to manifest through us to the world as the body of the Christ.

How will you be emptying a bit of you today, that God might shine through?

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