Friday, July 26, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 201: Proverbs 16-19; Psalm 15; Ephesians 5

When Things Become Gods
It happens more often than we care to admit, and it can happens in so many ways. Things become gods to us. I have heard it said many times by priests wiser than I that we humans have a tendency to continually recreate God in our image. That recreation seldom, if ever, does us credit and you would think that we might learn our lesson. Yet, somehow, we seem ever-ready to get back up on that horse of not only insisting on being self-determining, but God-determining to boot.

I have seen it so often in myself, in my neighbors and in the Church that I have ceased to be surprised. I have yet to figure out a way to correct that habit in an ongoing, sustainable way. It happens the moment we take our eye of the goal of reunion with God through union with Christ. It happens when we think we know better than God or anyone else about what should happen next. It happens when we get tired, or fed up or frustrated. It happens when we mistake hope for expectation. It happens when we mistake lust for love. It happens.

What defines us as a people of God is what we do when the inevitable does happen. Are we willing to stop, reset and correct our behaviors, actions and reactions? Are we willing to be defined, not by what we can make happen, but rather through what God is going to make happen through us?

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