Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 137: II Kings 25; Psalm 114; Romans 1

World View
When was the last time your world view was under threat?

We face challenges every day that invite us to change our expectations. Perhaps those moments might call our world views in to question...but can you recall the last time your world view was under threat, when it and you were in a place wherein its change was not your choice?

What did you feel? Fear, certainly. Anger, perhaps even rage. Panic. Sorrow or grief. Confusion. Stress beyond anything normal. Maybe it felt like dying. Maybe it was dying.

We rely so heavily on our view of the world. When it is threatened, when we experience dramatic or traumatic change in it, our sense of self and our sense of belonging in a place or having a role is threatened as well.

Judah has fallen. Babylon has arrived, and the city, besieged for two years, falls after the protective wall is breached. The army flees, the king is captured. His line is wiped out before his eyes, and then his eyes are removed. The temple is destroyed, and the people are removed to another country. All that is left is a ruin, and a remnant. Even some of them then leave and go to Egypt for protection. It is over. God's favor and protection are gone. What view ofmthe world that existed before this moment is ended. What will come is not certain. The only certainty is that what was will no longer be possible to recover or restore to its formal state.

Paul preaches a different sort of shift in world view, the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but the threat to the Roman community (and to all of us, still) is that our world view when exposed to this awesome knowledge cannot remain the same. We will be altered by it, transfigured, transformed.

The challenge to us, as we bear witness to these two moments that grant us a snapshot glimpse of shifts in the world views of the people of God is to understand and live out that even as change looms, God will abide. We will not be the same after...but we will continue to stand in God's presence.

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