Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Challenge Continues, Day 135: II Kings 19-21; Psalm 112; Acts 27

It's an ugly word, conjuring salacious images of willful acts half-cloaked in shadows and guilt: things done in the dark. These are actions and choices that need to be hidden from view and consigned to shadow...

...and yet, as we wind down the saga of the Second Book of Kings, sin seems to be a very public thing. The sins of the kings of Israel and Judah are numerous, overwhelming to attempt to compass. Particularly, Manassah's sins seem to expand to epic proportions. According to the text, he did EVERYTHING his predecessors did, and then some. Impressive...implying an almost willful desire not only to insult his role as the primary human  representative before God on behalf of the people, but also an apparent desire to outdo his fathers with his own monumental apostasy. Sin in this case is not hidden...it is about as public as can be. Where do we go from here?

That is the tangled knot that the histories have formed for us...human evanescense and God's steadfast nature are oil and water. The only problem is that the more they are agitated, the poorer the emulsion.

We would hope that it cannot get worse, though of course, it will. Still, in the face of all that has happened, God still seems to have a desire to see Israel and Judah restored. There is still something off there in the future that bodes of restoration and reconciliation. Just, not yet.

It is apparent that disaster looms large on the horizon. It is also apparent that these sins of kings and people are not just going to go away with a nod and a tear of regret and momentary repentance. What remains is a simple trust, that as God never early does depart from the people, even in the face of epic sin, there will always persist in our midst the promise of eventual deliverance...

May God give us the strength and wisdom to let go of sin, allow the light of love to shine on it and thus permit God to do what God does best: to deliver, lift up and restore....

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