Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Bible Challenge Readings for the Coming Week: May 6-11

I invite you to join in taking on the Bible Challenge. In one year, we will read the Bible, chapter and verse. It is a challenge, but one I believe we can enjoy together! Keep an eye on this space, and go to this website to learn more about

The Bible Challenge:


This Week’s Readings are:


Monday: I Kings 4-6; Psalm 99; Acts 14

Tuesday: I Kings 7-9; Psalm 100; Acts 15

Wednesday: I Kings 10-12; Psalm 101; Acts 16

Thursday: I Kings 13-15; Psalm 102; Acts 17

Friday: I Kings 16-18; Psalm 103; Acts 18

Saturday: I Kings 19-21; Psalm 104; Acts 19

Sunday (come to Church, and rest in the Word found in the lessons of the day)


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