Monday, January 07, 2013

The first day...creation, adherence to the statutes of God, genealogy. Bible Challenge, day one.

Starting this Bible challenge, I think, should have felt more dramatic. Perhaps that is just my personality? Yes. My sorry ego expects fanfare. Reality is, with most beginnings, especially important ones, I find they tend to begin rather quietly. I am sitting in my living room, a cup of coffee beside me. The sun is not up yet and even the dog has gone back to sleep. And so, the journey through the Bible, cover to cover in a year, begins.

Genesis 1-3; psalm 1; and Matthew 1: the story of creation, and I am always amazed that it is told twice! There are two separate narratives, as different (pardon me) as day is from night. Psalm 1 reminds me that the first call to follow God is a call to obedience. Something my stubborn self would too often choose to forget. Matthew 1 reminds me that our roots, in life, faith and in relationship to God are deep, and are vested in a heritage that goes beyond us. It roots back into the lives of our ancestors. It reaches far beyond us, into times when even our bones have returned to dust.

Yes, the Bible is a big book. As I sit here on the front end of this year's pilgrimage through it, I am also aware that it is something that holds more than words and narrative. It holds, and will reveal to us, our journey through time and space as the created, being loved by the One who continually creates, redeem and sustains us.

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