Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Continuing the Challenge...Day 3: Genesis 7-9; Psalm 3; Matthew 3...Waters, Floods and Life

After going through the trauma of a massive flood, my perspective on the Great Flood is a little different. Before, I viewed the flood for which Noah built the ark at God's command as an erasure. God didn't like the direction creation was taking and decided to start over, and so God took a giant eraser, water, and like a giant white board, everything just sort of got wiped away. It was a juvenile image. I got my real, first taste of life after a flood at the end of 2011. Walking with people who have lost everything as pastor and friend, and leading a church attempting to rebuild after losing an entire Sunday School (among other losses and destruction) has changed me. Floods are beyond messy. That is an understatement. Not only do you lose things, you also have to rebuild while attempting to clear away the detritus left as the waters recede. You work hard, fighting time, to clean up before mold and corruption set in. You cannot go back, or waste time dreaming for what was before...because now it isn't. Go forward, and learn. Go forward and salvage the good, letting go of the bad. Go forward.
Noah did was a new life. Granted, and sadly human on his part, he chose to use the first fruits of his new vineyard to make wine for a bender...but he went forward. David was attempting to move forward after experiencing betrayal in Absalom's rebellion in Psalm 3. And, can there be any stronger adjuration to move forward in life with repentance and renewed commitment to fidelity to God's will than John the Baptist calling us offspring of serpents, reminding us that Messiah is coming to set us, as well as well"things," right? God is with us, even through seasons of flood, loss and pain...Today I am taking some time to remember that grace...but will refrain from asking God to break the teeth of my enemies. It may have made David feel better. I cannot imagine wishing a broken tooth on anyone.And So, time to go bear fruit, I pray, that is worthy of repentance.

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