Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christ the King Sunday

It's one of those busy weekends here at St. Peter's. The Thrift Shop is open, sorting a HUGE donation that came in while welcoming customers for some early holiday shopping. I just finished a premarital conference in my office with a young couple intending to marry in early September of next year. The youth group is over in the kitchen baking pumpkin cookies and quick breads for distribution tomorrow as a fundraiser for their ministry. The Altar Guild is shining up the vessels for tomorrow's baptism celebration and a volunteer team is working on restoring power to the tower room up at the Church (it's been out since the flood). As well, we are getting ready for our fall cleanup day.

Who ever said church life is quiet? It's on days like these that I give thanks for the gift of being called to parish ministry. So much happens in our lives out in the world that we forget just how wonderful and impacting life in the community of the Body of Christ can be. In every corner of the parish, there is a sense of connection to a wider purpose, an awareness that there is no such thing as something too small that its portion in the wider portrait of church life is not significant!

As we prepare for the last Sunday after Pentecost, the end of the liturgical year, I give thanks for being called as pastor of a church that knows its sovereign. Christ is King!

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