Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A change in light...the days grow shorter....

I give thanks for being able to work in an office with big windows. The allow me to see that the world continues to roll by outside, and that keeps me grounded in an awareness that my work is not about sitting behind a desk...but about being out in the world. Granted, a LOT of my work life is spent behind a desk...but the focus is OUT THERE.

Another awareness I give thanks for with these windows is the changes that come over the course of the year due to changing light. The days shift in length, and the sun moves across the sky; and this creates ever-evolving patterns in how the light strikes the office, how the beams move across the floor and furniture. The light also gives an organic measure of time passing, reminding me that in addition to the chronos of the hands marching around the clock's dial there is also chairos and the procession of seasons, the march of planets around the sun, the wobble of the earth on her axis. Things are bigger than I am, and I am called on to remember that from moment to moment.

Finally, the changing light makes me aware of another shifting source of light in my life. God's own great phosphorescence, a gracious light that is never static, ever-renewing and eminently demanding of my attention.

That one sunbeam with the dust motes dancing in it? A quiet reminder to lift up your eyes and your heart. God is active in our lives, particularly in those moments of contemplation, dynamic and luminous.

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  1. I too am behind a desk. I am positioned on the third floor of a building near a very large window overlooking Princeton. From this vantage point I have a clear view of the sky. I have, many a time, over the last few weeks been in awe of how little I am as I have watched the sunny skies turn grey - the entire horizon filled with a variety of colors and clouds. And, then, to watch the rain roll in from miles away has been spectacular. A wonderful reminder, that God is in charge. God waters all of the earth and just as God gives life to the earth and sky he also gives life to me. That I can be certain that he will give me water when I am thirsty and food when I hunger. He will provide what I need as he does for all his creations.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Amy Wheeler