Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A quick tidbit from 100 years ago for all my colleauges...

...prepping for, or recovering from, the annual meeting of the parish they are currently serving!

First, a note: I looked for a record of the 1911 annual meeting. It appears that they did not hold one....

Dec 2, 1912 (St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Spotswood, NJ)

The regular Annual Meeting of the Congregation of St. Peter's Church Spotswood was held after a short service, this the second day of December 1912 in the Parish House at 8 o'clock PM. Present: the Rector W.E. Daw and three members of the congregation, all of whom were eligible to vote. The Rector as chariman and the Secty of the Vestry as Secretary of the meeting. The chairman having announced the business of the meeting, the ballot box was declared open at 8:10 PM and closed at 8:45 PM and the result of the balloting announced as follows: Wm. Bissett elected Warden for 2 years; Aug. DeVoe elected warden for 1 yrs; Garner DeVoe elected vestryman for 3 years; Gustav Sager elected vestryman for 3 years; T. Francis Perrine elected vestryman for 2 years; Augustine Connell elected vestryman for 2 years; Chas. H. DeVoe elected vestryman for 1 years. A. DeVoe, Wm. Bissett and E. Underhill elected delegates to the Diocesan Convention. Chas. H DeVoe, Chas. B. Hulit, Jr. and J. Perrine elected alternate delegates to Diocesan Convention. The business of the meeting being completed, on motion moved and seconded the meeting adjourned. Wm. Bissett, Secty of Meeting/W.E. Daw, Rector

So, to the best guess...there were four people present in the Parish Hall on the evening of the first Monday in December of that year. They met at 8 PM, said a couple of prayers, certified a quorum of four people and then proceeded to election, which polls being open for 35 minutes (I assume they had some collation? sherry? port?) and then having attained an election, they adjourned. Now, how is that for a low-stress, simple-beyond-words Annual Meeting?

Not sure if they were even in line with NJ state law, and very sure they were only JUST in line with the Canons and bylaws of the parish at the time....


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