Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An interesting thought....

As I prepare for the close of day, and pastoral visits and meetings, I am reading a book by Ron Susek, titled "Firestorm: Preventing and Overcoming Church Conflict." Right now, chapter 7 is offering an acrostic for focused, faithful pastoral leadership: TRIM-Truth; Relationship;Integrity; Mission. Four pillars of ministry, he identifies how when they are not balanced and equally developed, conflict is imminent. Also, to have one pillar be a strength to hide behind...or another to dispute...creates deficits that will again in turn generate conflict...his counsel is to seek balance in pastoral leadership, realizing that these four pillars lead to most, if not all, spiritual gifts and attention to them will generate balance for the congregation.

Something to ponder. I have seen ALL sorts of acronyms and acrostics that pastors use, mottos and imprecations to define their work...this seems to be one of the more open-ended of the bunch.

More to follow, I need to digest this a bit more....

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