Monday, November 23, 2009

Sometimes it is best to get out of the way, part 2

Another installment:

Let me start by saying- I love God! And I know God loves me more. - He’s blessed me in so many ways everyday and sometimes every hour, like right now, this hour with you. -God led me here almost three years ago. - Now I know it’s really not a whole lot of time, compared to many of you guys - but I got to tell you- A lot of things have happened, and a lot of things have changed me since I fumbled through my first mass here at trinity - (I still fumble through mass), but it’s who I am and where I’m at now that definitely changed since then - This church and you beautiful people have embraced me - without prejudice and without pretend - you’ve supported me and my loved ones during the stress and pain of losing my step dad - thank you - you’ve encouraged me- encouraged me to be involved in different ministries - like coffee hour - It’s a real, recognizable and very important ministry- (Bishop Council told me so) - Meatloaf Monday- if you ever get the chance to visit St. Mark’s kitchen, you’ll witness how special Meatloaf Monday really is. - It’s so not about buying chopped meat, or whose turn it is to make a couple of meat loaves. - It’s so- so much more than that. I’ve been privileged to help with that- I kind of wish it was Meatloaf Monday every week.

But my all time favorite ministry- is being a pastoral visitor- I can’t even describe what I feel when I visit people that desperately want to be at church and they can’t. - They are so grateful that I’m there - but what they don’t know is I’m so grateful for them allowing me to be there - and for them bringing me so much closer to god - it is one of the most rewarding parts of my life. -You have ignited me- when I talk about our church, and how my life with Christ has grown here, people must see the glow I feel - and they want it too - so they come, one by one they come to mass here - and they stay - cause they feel here, and they glow. ( I’ll get everyone I know here sooner or later)

Most of all, this church, and all of you inspire me - you inspire me to want to be more than I am, and to give all that I can and to trust everything to God - like he trusts everything to us. I am blessed - and I am honored to be part of this beautiful family, of this beautiful church. Thank you for restoring my faith in my faith. God bless all of you. Amen.

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