Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exodus: over the threshold and into the wastes, chs. 13-31

Here is the next layer of the parish's Bible study...again, color to follow after Sunday's class between the services:

v The Book of Exodus:
Ø Israel’s exodus out of Egypt
§ Deliverance at the Reed Sea
§ Song of Moses/Song of Miriam
· Canticle 8 and its place in our liturgical tradition
· The role of prophetess
§ From Elim to Sin
· Manna and Quails
¨ What to do when food falls from the sky
¨ “there has to be a perfectly rational explanation…”
· Water from stone
¨ I thirst
· The battle with the Amalekites
¨ Hands in the air
§ The Challenges of leadership
· What does it mean to have a stiff neck as opposed to a hard heart?
· Putting God to the test
· Jethro, and the lesson of how to lead
¨ How to deal with the day-to-day and still deal with the meta-issues
Ø Approaching Sinai
§ Theophany at Mt Sinai
· Drawing close to the holy, purity and how to listen
§ How near can we draw near to God when God draws near to us?
§ Reception of the Law during the Theophany
· The Big Ten
§ The Covenant Code: what’s the difference?
· Laws protecting human beings
· Laws dealing with and protecting property
· Social and Cultic laws
· The calendar
§ The Ceremony of ratification of the Covenant
§ The designs of the tabernacle, ark, furnishings and the priestly garments
§ Designations of the offerings
Ø What comes next?

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