Saturday, September 26, 2009

Exodus: a companion for Bible Study-chs 32-40

v The Book of Exodus:
Ø The Golden Calf: “Where’s your messiah now?”
§ The tension between the theophany-experience with God and that without God (making our own way in the wilderness)
§ Ten Tablets-The primary code
§ What to do with the gold from Egypt-what we present and what God observes
Ø Moses’ intercession for the people
§ The tent of meeting
§ Seeing God “back to face”
§ The Covenant renewed
· The original ten…the new ruling
¨ Reinforcing how the people will behave in what we would call a “multi-faith” environment
¨ Moses’ shining face
§ The Sabbath
Ø Making the tabernacle
§ What to do with that treasure
§ A repetition of the directions in making the tabernacle, ark and appointments of the sanctuary
§ Renewal of the directions for the offering
· Singular difference-the stirring of hearts
§ Belazel and Oholiab
· Collection of the resources
· “We have enough” no more, thank you!
Ø Completion of the work on the tabernacle, vestments, etc.
§ Installation and equipping the Tabernacle
§ Being the people of God-Being on the Way

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