Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a beautiful day...

This morning I woke up with a clear mind and a light heart. That is saying something, because I tend to go to bed late (my own, personal, poor choice) and the pets always do their best to get us up on their schedule-which means they start moving around just after 5 AM, wanting breakfast and attention. This morning was my duty. Laura has been a trooper in allowing me to sleep in the past couple of days...but this morning it was my honor.

So, once the animals had been provisioned, I went out to the kitchen, put on the water for coffee and spent some time looking out into the back yard as the morning sun worked its way down from the tops of the trees, illuminating the shadows left over from last night.

What a sight. Birds and a lone chipmunk foraging in the lawn coupled with our tomato and pepper plants finally showing strong evidence of fruit. The summer flowers are starting to move into full bloom, with the monkshood showing purple and the cardinal flower drawing itself to full height (come on, what else would you expect to find in a priest's garden-bishop's weed?...we tried that and found out that it is invasive and pernicious and so removed it from our last place of residence! ;) ).

It was a sight of beauty. Moreover, there was a great sense of peace in the place today.

By the time the coffee was ready, I was done with my reverie. I grabbed a cup, put on Tavis Smiley and picked up some knitting.

Here's the rub, that moment of morning peace would make a great Maxwell House commercial, but I also have a lot to do. There are chores to finish and calls to make. This is one of those days when there is not so much one big thing to get done but a lot of little ones. Frankly, I am better with the "one big thing" in that lots of small, simple tasks tend to give me too many opportunities to get distracted or diverted.

My prayer is that I will be able to maintain the focus I had this morning throughout the day. Maybe then it will be a fitting Maxwell House commercial. Funny how those folks always, after one cup, one sip of that remarkable coffee could launch into their respective days with such energy and verve! Me, I just want to keep my focus on the little things...to be a success of "parish puttering" and get more done at the close of day than I had on my list when I started out. After all, then, I think, it will be a truly beautiful day. I will have both accepted the gift of God's grace in the good weather...and done my part to further the kingdom with my work. Now, where is that call sheet?

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