Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday....

I have always wondered, and respected, the priests who mark and celebrate the Octave of Easter with liturgies, masses, vespers and all that. How they, after making the journey through Holy Week, muster up the spiritual energy to fold back in to the cycle of daily worship RIGHT AWAY is worthy of praise...both to God and to their resolve.

Me, I find that I carry a wondrous burst of energy into Easter Day. Doesn't matter how many liturgies happen that morning. Two, three...even four once upon a time...I love the celebration after the long walk of the Triduum has completed and come to full fruit with the marking of Jesus' resurrection. It is probably a mix of adrenaline and that endorphin rush that comes at the end of any distance race, physical or spiritual; but when that moment comes-when the last candle is extinguished and the vestments are hung up. When the doors to the church close on the last Easter-seeker....then, I collapse.

It is a slow, true, irresistible thing. It feels good to know that the Great Work has been completed and that the responsibilities of work and life can take a little break.

What needs to be done today? I need to mow the lawn. That's about it.

I might watch the dog sleep some more.

Sounds like a full agenda.

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