Monday, July 21, 2008

Robins, flegded and in flight...

This has been a truly blessed summer to date. Laura and I have been busy with both family and church events. In May, she spent time in Michigan with her mother. Lucille had experienced a fall, and the family was concerned for her in her living situation. She has done so well since the stroke, it was a worry for us all when it turned out she had probably had a TIA or two and that she was in need of some time in the hospital and then a new course of rehab. She has pulled through well, though. Laura even got a call from her a couple of weeks ago, as the behest of her therapist. We still think, pray and worry over her, but she seems to be doing well.

We also hosted my parents, Bob and Ann, for Lobsterfest. What a glorious...and My parents truly love Trinity, and enjoyed playing their part in supporting Holly Hausner, Kristen Falcone and the Silent Auction team in their efforts. Laura and I also had a week away after Mission Philadelphia, during which we celebrated both my, and my mother's, birthdays. Being just two days apart (never mind the years), we don't often get the chance to be together, and going to my sister's and her husband's home in WV was a triple blessing. Despite the Ohio River Valley humidity, we had a wonderful time.

And then to return to Trinity...and the wonderful, busy energy that keeps things rolling throughout the summer! Things don't really slow down around here. Just, the pace changes. The youth delegation to the Diocesan Mission Trip to Guatemala have been busy with car washes that have raised a significant amount of money to assuage the impact of the parish's expenses in supporting them on their way. We celebrated the advent and arrival of our new Director of Youth and Family Ministries, Joel Esala and his wife Sarah (and their dog Tressel). Sadly, for Penn State, Notre Dame and most other Big 10 fans, Joel is a proponent of the "Scarlet and Grey." Another buckeye has joined the church staff!

And, on the church front, we saw "record" summer attendance this week with the baptisms of three of the cutest babies I have seen in a while. All lovely examples of Christ's care and call to service, these three, with attendant family and friends, also supported the car wash and a grand celebration of three couples in the Church observing their 50th wedding anniversaries...yes, Trinity continues its tradition of piling up ALL of the happy occasions of life into one day. Truly, it makes it easier to remember when something is happening...and remember, something is ALWAYS happening around here!

Finally, and this was one of Laura's and my greatest God-moments of the summer so far, was the fledging of our tenant robins this morning. In June, we had welcomed a mating pair of robins to the wisteria on our deck. From that union, two little hatchlings have been regarding us in our comings and goings (and the dog's as well) for the past two-three weeks. Since they hatched, and have opened their eyes, we have seen them mature from little lumps of pink to what we saw take off today...young birds out to explore their world. One took flight just was Laura was passing by to water the garden this morning. The other was gone when we had rolled up the hoses.

I can't help feeling a bit sad and worried on their behalf, but I give thanks for having had the opportunity to see these little ones begin their walk/flight in this life over the past few weeks. It was a true blessings, and many were the evenings when Laura and I sat out after the heat of the day broke and were privileged to watch the parents shuttling back and forth with worms for the wee ones.

God keep them...and us...through these last weeks of summer.

See you all when I get back from Guatemala!

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