Thursday, March 13, 2008

The first draft of the job description...

Thanks to the hard work of the Human Resources Group...and to the commitment of the members of the TYG and Church School ministries...we have a first draft of a job description for the new Director of Youth and Family Ministries.

It is posted below.

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Copies of this draft will also be posted to the TYG group site and a hard copy will be placed on the announcement kiosk in McArthur Hall.

Peace, and a peaceful Holy Week to all...

Trinity Episcopal Church

Solebury, PA

Job Description

Title: Director of Youth and Family Ministries

Reports to: Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Solebury (“Church”)

Job Classification: Professional, Exempt

Hours of Work: 40+/-


Responsible for the overall administration and supervision of the youth and children’s programs of the Church.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

· Energize the youth while directing and maintaining the schedule for youth programs, including weekly meetings, Youth Eucharists, retreats, sponsor meetings, and Mission Philadelphia.

· Provide leadership to the Church (Sunday) School program and Advisory Board including meetings, the Christmas Pageant, and other activities.

· Establish and administer program calendars and budgets.

· Interact with appropriate vestry members regarding youth and children’s activities.

· Communicate and interact well with the youth, parents, congregation, and community through personal contact, text messages, e-mails, website entries, Church newsletters, etc.

· Supervise volunteers in those activities where volunteers are critical to the program.

· Demonstrate strong organizational skills including the ability to delegate tasks, organize time, and oversee the completion of projects.

· Coordinate the pastoral care of the children, youth, and families.

· Plan resourceful and creative fund-raising opportunities for related programs.

Job Requirements

· Experience in the field of youth ministry, including an undergraduate degree or equivalency, and demonstrated success in working with young people, their parents, adult volunteers, lay people, staff, and clergy.

· Episcopalian preferred; other denominations will be considered, with a commitment to learn, respect, and engage in Episcopal formation, liturgy, and theology.

· Must be able to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.

· Must have the ability to supervise high-energy children and youth.

· Commitment to personal growth by professional reading, attending continuing education programs, and setting aside time to care for their physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

· Must agree to a background check and other scrutiny that are required by the Episcopal Church, USA, the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania, or local authorities.

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