Friday, February 22, 2008

After the flu...

The flu has been going around the community. Particularly, a bundle of us who were on the TYG annual ski trip went down last week with a nasty-and it turns out, not "covered by the flu shot" version of the virus. One by one, the cough led to the fatigue led to fever led to warm death. Any number of Trinitarians, including me, went down hard and took to our sick beds-losing days of work and life to the incubating little devils within.

I can't honestly remember the last time I went down with the flu, stomach, head or otherwise. Something like five years ago? This experience was bad enough that I am considering doing something I have never done before-getting the flu shot for the coming year. Granted, the shot didn't cover this year's virus strain; but those who experienced it after the shot were supposedly recovering faster than those who did not. Me, I lost three days, two of work and my sabbath's rest, to the bug. That meant seven canceled appointments, three canceled meetings and about 150 emails and 20 voice mails to have gotten caught up on this week. Hooray for the staff, Debbie in particular-who covered my calendar during my sick-time siesta, and for the patient parishioners who supported their sick rector.

There is a grace to emerging from the flu, though, and that is the heart's core of my post. With a return of energy, there is a sense of returning to life. Coming back to the desk in the office, getting out to see people in the pews, going from pillar to post on health returned I had a rush of enthusiasm for the life of the parish. It is a very good feeling, indeed. From preaching and presiding on Sunday to teaching Tuesday to doing pastoral visiting with folks last night...I felt like I had just returned to the parish after a trip. I guess I technically did...fever dreams being what they are...but it feels good.

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