Friday, September 07, 2007

Good things happen

Had a great day yesterday.

The first part of it was spent working over the church campus with a fine tooth comb with Debbie the Parish Administrator, Jerry Harbaugh our Vestry liaison for Property and the Cemetery, Mariclair+ and myself. I have an annual practice of touring the whole church facility to keep senior staff and vestry apprised of what is happening around the plant, what needs to happen in the buildings in terms of maintenance...and to keep us aware of what will be needing attention from a capital perspective down the line. Five pages of notes and two and a half hours later we crawled out of the basement and I think have a good handle on what is what at 6587 Upper York Road.

The regular stuff is there...some work on the basement areas, utilities and some ground work. Jerry has a long list for the volunteers and Debbie went off in search of the sexton service with her notes on what needed to be cleaned up, what needed to be cleared out and where things needed to go that had been misplaced.

After that, and out of the sun, it was back into the office to catch up on as much pastoral and administrative detail...and to get work done on my sermon for Kickoff I could before I leave the office for a week of continuing education. If I count my days right, and aside from the odd diocesan or seminary event, this will be my first con ed leave in two years. Good stuff. Part of the ordination vows MP+ and I took at our priestings was to be diligent in studies. Her presence and the state of the parish allow me to bring some focus onto that again, and for that I am grateful.

After the day wore down, I headed home for a business dinner with a canon from the Cathedral in Philadelphia. James+ and his partner Don were coming by to talk about Trinity partnering with the Philadelphia Theological Institute in the hopes of bringing some of Trinity to their programs of spiritual formation...and to bring some of their programs to Trinity. I think it went well. Laura cooked a fabulous meal and James and Don were charming guests. James and I talked for over an hour about what our mutual interests, parish and cathedral, might be...and I think we have some good stuff in store (more later once details have been nailed down).

After that, the day off was spent in recovery of some energy. Even a short week kept all of us busy. From Tidings (I can add "editor" now to my list of things I have done for the Church) to planning liturgies to the opening of the TYG season to worship to Rector's has been a full week, and a rich one. And now, early to bed...there is a kickoff sermon to finish writing tomorrow, not to mention the last polishes to be accomplished on my material for CREDO.

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