Monday, September 10, 2007

CREDO, Monday, Sept. 10

Travel was, as it always is, the hardest part of the day. L and I were up at 5 AM (my doing) in order to finish off packing, get the last minute bits of prep done, walk the dog and have some time together over breakfast before getting in the car to brave the drive up to Newark Intn’l Airport. I always get anxious on the drive to any airport, for any flight out. Some of that is old habit…my dad was notorious in wanting to get to any airport at least 2 hours before the flight. Note the at least. Four hours was a better buffer. Any flight out of either Philly or Newark is always hampered on the front end by traffic…so I had the inevitable moment of stress as the road volume increased and we moved at a slower and slower rate…and the clock ticked on.

It was a conscious effort for both L and I to hold ourselves in conversation…and I think it was one of the best we have had in a long time. So much has gone on in the past weeks that I feel like I have to steal time away just to be with my spouse. Thankfully, I feel like we got a good hour and change of real conversation in before I took my kiss and hug and headed off for check in and the security run.

The flight was easy, quick and NOT full so we all had plenty of room to stretch out. Then, it was a quick 45 minute drive over a mountain pass from Asheville and we arrived at Lake Logan. My cabin mate and I split a box lunch on the back porch, overlooking the lake. And then around 5 PM it was up the hill and over the river to the main hall for dinner, orientation, some icebreakers and worship…then, Compline and now bed.

We heard the core values of CREDO tonight, and the primary focus of this event—to examine and reflect with purpose on four areas of our walk in ministry and in Christ: vocational, spiritual, personal and financial well-being. Tomorrow, we start the work and play created for us around these four quarters of our lives. Now, I sleep.


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