Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I know the popular and accepted wisdom around vacation time is that you need at least two weeks to really unkink and unwind from all the daily pressures of the work and life-lived-out-in-the-midst-of-routine.

Truth is, I have yet to experience a time in the past couple of years when it has been a remote possibility to snag more than seven consecutive days off.

So, when the dust settled from the summer calendars being worked out, I had a week free of commitments (July 22-28) and Laura and I headed off to piggyback on some vacation space with some dear friends of mine from seminary. I almost feel like we have been squirreled away to an "undisclosed location" for some r and r. Where we are is tough to describe, although I am sure all you mapquest fans are already opening up a browser window as you read...

Somewhere in the hills just outside of Davis, WV Laura and I are enjoying some time down in a great little ski chalet (with summer peeking in from outside).

We have had side trips to area artist's centers to some short hikes in the area's state parks. The temps have been in the 70's, and aside from the odd trip to the local camp store for ice cream, we have been cooking in and relaxing.

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