Wednesday, March 14, 2007

new bits, old bits

The "middle" of Lent. I love this time of year. Things have released from the hard press of the start of the year. Annual meeting is receding into memory. The new vestry is getting comfortable with their roles. Winter is giving way into the first hints of spring. I have even seen some daffodil shoots breaking up out of the ground, harbingers of warmer times.

Those are the natural signs of things beginning to change. There are other moments/mementos that tell me, personally, that time is rolling forward...This week, in the wake of daylight savings time, I have actually come home while it is still light out. No small thing.

Sadly, there are some sour notes...minor stuff, really, but dramatic. My PDA, that "thing" that rules my life with calendars, tasks, contacts, documents, etc...came up, well, blank, this morning. I opened up my computer, fired up the desktop...and discovered that somehow my computer had eaten my entire schedule. Not just the week's appointments...but the WHOLE body of EVERYTHING.

It was an odd experience. For a short time, I had no schedule, nothing "due" and not much opportunity to get anything done without a large amount of guesswork.

Thank God, I was able to get to my administrator's old computer where a back up version of my calendar was domiciled. Some tweaks and twists and I had myself back together, sort of like the scarecrow AFTER the flying monkeys had de-strawed him and left him lying in heaps and strewn across the forest floor. So, now I have a hard print copy on top of it all. And I am seriously re-evaluating my "relationship" with my three year old, and increasingly decrepit PALM.

On the up side, last night saw a very promising start to the new stewardship team's work. I also got out of the office on a beautiful afternoon in order to visit with some parishioners, retirees living on the far side of Doylestown.

Trinity saw a visit from a site appraiser. Time for the Church Insurance Corp. to re-evaluate us and the replacement value of the church. Always an odd thing, because I am at a loss in how you can replace a church. Trinity's history of death and resurrection after the fire in the late 90s aside, no one likes to think about landmark structures being indemnified.

Tonight, I hope for an early bed. Lots to do tomorrow.

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