Monday, March 26, 2007

A bit wiped out today...

I had a busy Sunday, with liturgies, a visiting preacher and a concert at the church to attend to throughout the course of the day. As pleasant as it all was, it made for a long day. On top of that, L is away in Michigan for a visit with her mother, and to take a shift as a care-giver while others get some spring break travel in.

So, I am a temporary bachelor for Holy Week. With that come all the usual discomforts of having your partner somewhere else in the world. The cats went on strike last night and refused to bed down when I did. The dog looks at me with pleading eyes, wondering if I, too, will desert her soon. The house is cold with the furnace off for spring.

You know, all those depressing notes about feeling "without."

Laura would also remind me, though, that I can now watch samurai movies in my off hours without interruption. I "can eat what I want." Etc.

Still, I realize that self care in the absence of your life partner is a discipline well observed for both the good of the order and for a deeper sense of well being.

So, early to bed. Early to rise. Lots of green, leafy vegetables. Plenty of prayer, study and rest.

And, maybe, a samurai movie or two and some Ramen noodles...but NOT TOO MUCH!

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