Wednesday, February 28, 2007

another thought...

I am also thinking, as we near the first Open Table gathering for the parish, that we have a lot to talk about. Getting that sense of things being awash in both continuity and change means also getting a sense of the emotional impact those factors have on us in common life.

People wigged about the new prayer book(s). They wigged about the new hymnal. They wigged about women's ordination. They wigged about +V. Gene Robinson. They wigged about same-sex marriages being accepted by the diocese of New Westminster in Canada. They continue to wig.

Thing is, do we react to the wigging...or do we bear faithful witness to pain and yet persist? Martin Luther King, Jr. was asked by a number of religious leaders in Alabama...including the Episcopal Bishop of the diocese of Ala. at the slow it down, to allow society to eventually catch up to what he was seeking. His response was the Letter from the Birmingham Jail. One cannot always wait and watch. Sometimes, one has to rise up and act/speak/bear witness.

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