Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anglicanism, -isms in general and Ash Wednesday

I got an email from my dad today asking about the outcome of the Primates meeting in Dar es-Salaam. Aside being truly moved by a captivating account of the primates going to the cathedral in Zanzibar to mark the 200th anniversary of the outlawing of the slave trade in the British Empire, I can't say that I have much reaction to the meeting, yet.

Most of what was offered up to us on the outside was in the body of the communique, and that is going to take some time to digest. I haven't been able to read anything but synopses of it to date, and will not care to make comment here or elsewhere until I hear from the PB herself when she arrives back in the States. Not because I am a "party-line" rector. You know me well enough by now to know that is not the case. It is because I have been SO disappointed with the way the news media have been offering up the events of the past week. AP and Reuters seem to have spent more time taking tea with Martyn Minns that paying attention at the news briefings. In other words, "Let's make some news...because those primates are boring in their silences."

Still, the concern I feel over the issues present has not been allayed. In fact, I still struggle with the overt posturing that so many are offering up in this conflict. It is becoming more and more about one side winning over and against the perspectives of the other. Anglicanism, is not exactly acting like Anglicanism right now...and it appears that few in authority seem to notice it, or is it me?

We are getting ready to slam into Lent, so this posturing makes me more mindful of the common call we all experience this time of year: "Remember you are dust..." Akinola, Minns, me, and all that rest would be well served to remember that we don't have a corner on wisdom and piety...and a LOT to learn, about God's infinite goodness, mercy and patience with us--stiff necked as we are. Ash Wednesday looms, the pancakes are starting to flip in the parish hall kitchen down the hill. I have gone from "punchkie" to Bavarian creme to maple syrup in a bizarre push to see just how much sugar my body can absorb in a 24 hour period. It will make fasting tomorrow a true adventure, I can tell.

Tonight, at vestry, we begin with a new and renewed group of leaders for this Church. This is the first meeting of the new group. God grant us good fortune and deep challenge in the months to come!

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