Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Working through the week

This looks like it will be the year of "long days."

I am having fun, but I am also working 12-13 hours at a pop right now. From early morning Eucharists (William Laud today, Antony of Egypt and Confession of Peter next week), Conventions, breakfast gatherings, dinners with the youth group, finance meetings, etc.

The good news is that this is all fun for me. I can't complain about much at all, beyond not seeing home and wife nearly enough. Plus, work is going well. The year closed well. We had a grand kickoff Sunday for Baptism of Our Lord. I am getting time to work on stuff for January's vestry meeting early for a change and though we are still attempting to fill the slate for elections at annual meeting at the beginning of next month, I am excited about the folk who have said "yes" to date. This looks to be a very good year in terms of building up church leadership. As the finance chair said, "I think it is important to show people that these jobs are ones that feed us as well as nurture the church." Too often, the idea seems to broadcast that vestry/ministry leadership pulls the sap out without replenishing energy. I think the opposite is true, when the chemistry and the spirit become co-generative.

We will get there.

This coming Sunday is my first, believe it or not, Rector's Forum. "Listening to the Body with a capital 'B'" is the working title. Time to talk about what I have heard in the spirit after two years as rector here at Trinity, and to do some listening about where people think we are right now.

Fun. Anthropology and ecclesiology meet in one beautiful moment!

Margaret Mead would be so proud...even though she sleeps beneath the soil down the road with the other Trinity!

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