Saturday, December 09, 2006

A new member of the family

Busy week. We are in the midst of the holidays and the year-end push. I am working through my list of vestry nominee contacts. Still looking for Church School, Finance and Strategic Planning along with a People's Warden. Stewardship and Youth are on board, along with Rector's appointee to the Day School Board. We are still looking for a delegate to Diocesan Convention. Busy. Also, we have a bundle of details to churn through as the fiscal year ends. Pledges to catch up, a stewardship drive to finish. Annual meeting to prepare for, and the Episcopal Church's parochial report data to compile. Oh, and don't forget the holidays, right? Christmas falls on the same day at 4 Advent. That means that in a single two day run, we will have pushed through five liturgies and over five hundred people gracing our pews.

I love these quiet times of the year!

We also spent the week recovering, in a nice way, from this past weekend's hullaballo. Christmas with St. Nick, the Holiday Store, the Greens Sale, Kenya and Guatemala tables, Men's lib sale, Cookie Bake Sale, and the Holiday Raffle...Along with three concerts including our annual presentation of Handel's Messiah ("Christmas sections") is done for another calendar year. Attendant chaos and released passions and joys all the same, the events did very well. Along with House Tour, we have had a very successful fundraising season, and the music ministry continues to grow and evolve. Look for some sections of the concert to appear on the website!

On a personal note, Laura and I have a new member of the family. Oscar Wilde came to us in a quite unusal way, and the story bears repeating:

While Laura was away taking care of her mother, I had to go to the vet to get some new dry food for the cats. While there doing the whole "load 16 lbs, and what do you get" deal with the cat food, I saw in the vet's display cage four of the cutest kittens you have ever seen. I sent Laura a picture of one that looked like our old cat, Harriet. She called me back wondering why I was teasing her with pictures of kittens. We decided to put the idea on hold. Two cats and a dog, isn't that enough already? Maybe....

So, fast forward a couple of weeks: Now, we are out of canned food for the cats. Another trip to the vet! So sad, though. The kittens are gone. The last two went home with someone just the night before.

Laura and I were both slightly crushed. Perhaps God doesn't have another cat in mind for us? Ah, well. Let's go home and unload the car.

Laura is in the house putting food away in the fridge and I am on my second trip out to the car. Just as I walk behind the car to lift the gate--a black, long hair cat comes running up. Quite the gentleman, he just walks up to within hallo-ing distance, meows and waits for me to make the next move. I call out to Laura, "Honey, there's a cat out here!"

She thinks I am joking.

Still, she comes out, and this new guy walks right up to her. She pets him, picks him up and we put him in a cage and check with the neighbors to see if he is known to them.

An anonymous visitor. A cat without a country. A kittie coming in from the cold.

So, back to the vet. A quick check up, shots, an overnight and now we are seeing if "Oscar Wilde" (thanks, Dr. Benson for the idea) is going to settle in with the rest of the family. Right now, Laura, Sophie and I are camping out with Oscar in the upstairs guest room. He is under probationary watch right now, to see if he is going to use the litter box. Once he does, and we feel he is safe, then he will be paroled to time alone. Nights will be spent separated from the none-to-pleased-but-not-too-offended Charlie and Oona.

Say a prayer that Oscar Wilde will soon be circulating with the literary elite of the household!

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