Monday, October 09, 2006

An update on Mom

Well, life's pace does change when there is a health crisis. Laura and I slept "late" this morning. The moon woke me up around 5 AM, but we didn't really rise until seven, about an hour and a half after when we usually get up. After some cereal and coffee, we got on the phone to family for a ride to the hospital to see how mom made it through the night.

She is doing better. In shifts, she was able to greet us (remember, just immediate family numbers over 20 people), but the fatigue from last night is still with her. She was also weepy, but those were the first strong emotions I had yet seen from her. Now she is moving her right hand, and according to the nurse she was able to sit up and feed herself. This evening, I also heard from my brother- and sister-in-law that she had gotten to the chair herself with some help and the use of the walker. She still can't talk, but manages a chuckle and "um" when jokes are cracked.

Tomorrow, she is going to be "stepped down" and we will begin to talk to the hospital staff about rehab and what happens next to her. That is the tougher walk, I think...

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