Sunday, October 08, 2006


Well, it is truly amazing how much can happen in 24 hours.

Yesterday, I had a men's breakfast presentation and Q&A, then a nominating committee meeting for vestry elections...And then went home for lunch. The morning was packed, as usual. We spent time talking at the men's breakfast about congregational growth and change. Trinity has grown from a small pastoral-sized church (ca. Norman Rockwell/Currier&Ives) to something verging on resource (very large) in just 20 years. That means a lot of work for us on embracing just what that experience of rapid change means. Imagine a teenaged boy going through a growth spurt. All is well until you try to reach for a glass or the light switch on the wall...And wind up breaking a knuckle or the glass due to an over reach. Or, leaving for school, you bark your forehead on a branch that seemed an inch or two higher only yesterday. Now, go through that on a consistent basis for the better part of two decades and try to feel comfortable in your skin. After that conversation, I spent about fifteen minutes answering questions on the state of the Anglican Communion and the diocese's struggles with Bishop Bennison. Minor transition shock, but I think it went well.

Then, Nominating: I am happy with our process so far. We spent the time "building a lineup" of people we thought were both called to leadership in the parish at the vestry level...And might be suited for each other as an entering class for vestry fellowship. For now, we rest and take some time mulling on how we move forward in contacting people. I am hoping for something that works an even balance between keeping the process transparent to the congregation while it respects the egos and confidence of the people asked to consider/discern service.

After that, I went home for lunch, and the day shifted dramatically in tone and energy. Just as I was heating up some soup and making salads for Laura and me, just about every phone in the house went off at once. I am convinced that cellular phone technology has changed the "voice of crisis." Now, when something bad happens, phones ring: on the wall, in the office, at the hip and in the purse. Laura's brother was trying to get ahold of us in order to let us know that L's mother, Lucille had a stroke. No real word on how serious it was, but things looked grave. One of Lucille's daughter's and a grandson arrived to do some baking with Mom, only to find her collapsed in her condo. EMS arrived minutes later and Mom was packed off to the local hospital. We got into the car after a lot of reordering of plans and the dispensing/setting up of care for pets and house. I cancelled my trip to Florida and CREDO (that can be rescheduled). We got on the road and got to my mother's house around 1 AM. Some quick sleep and then an early start to drive the rest of the way to Detroit and Lucille's bedside, not sure of what we would find.

Good news is that she is awake and aware. The light is in her eyes, but she is paralyzed on her right side above the hip and can't talk. Her eyes continue to speak volumes (anyone who knows her knows the "power of the roll" that she possesses!), and she was able a very strong "Queen Elizabeth" wave with her left hand.

The next couple of days will tell. All you all out in blogger land keep us in your prayers!

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