Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Tigers win...

We had a good day yesterday with mom. She is doing well, with returning function in her hands and her face is looking better. She passed the speech therapist's "swallow test" and is now allowed to eat. Granted, pureed broccoli and chicken is not many folk's ideal of a dinner, but she is able to feed herself, and that counts.

She is still struggling with memory and is not talking, but I got a guffaw out of her with a tasteless joke about her being able to join the Carmelites now...Being as how she can't talk and REALLY her lifelone ambition was to spend 12 hours a day in prayer. Lucille is a good Catholic, but after ten kids and a life fully lived, I don't think she is aspiring to life in a convent community.

We also had another blessing last night, Lucille's beloved Tigers won their first pennant series game against the Oakland A's. We left her last night with the TV on and tuned to the pre-game, and she seemed engaged in watching the "show." After decades of waiting, she just might see her boys take a pennant...And perhaps a World Series. Keep your fingers crossed.

On the Church front, I had a chance to talk to one of the candidates for my home diocese. He is serving the Chapel at Princeton right now, but who knows what the next couple of months will bring. I had called him earlier to see if he would be able to visit us for a guest preaching gig, but the schedules just won't match up right now. We will have to see for the future.

The newsletter articles are done. Budget proposal will go out with Tidings. Stewardship is getting underway and we are getting ready for vestry. Life proceeds apace.

Go Tigers!

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