Friday, October 13, 2006

Tigers win again, up by three with the series winding down

I know it sounds monotonous, but Mom really does enjoy the Tigers. Seeing them win tonight was an added plus to her on the long road to recovery. She continues to do well. Her therapy is going very well, indeed. This morning, she had a good speech therapy session in which they focused on getting her to try to sing. I remember hearing somewhere that music and singing is easier for stroke patients than trying to speak with aphasia. Something about the wiring in the brain. Music makes communicating easier.

The twins went over to see that morning session, and everyone was blown away when Mom started to hum and move her mouth to the words of 'Amazing Grace,' the National Anthem and 'My Country Tis' of Thee.'

We arrived for her lunch time break, at which they had a volunteer piano player that was churning through some oldies. When the piano player weaned off, the sisters started singing with Mom. I tried to chime in, but my baritone was not of help. Not a problem, as you can only imagine hearing four daughters and a grand-daughter sing for their mother in unison. Mom hummed and moved her lips along with the tune...And everyone was crying. Some of it was relief, I am sure. A lot of it was thankfulness. Not six days ago, we might not have ever seen three generations enjoying a moment like that, again.

Then, tonight, the Tigers won again...Doing it almost handily. Good stuff. Mom, I think, missed the end of the game. She was so wiped at dinner she didn't finish her pudding. Granted, it wasn't her favorite, rice, but hey...Pudding is pudding.

More testimony that you should eat dessert first.

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