Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tigers up two games, mom's getting rehab

Last night's game was a bit of a nail biter. Milton Bradley came up to bat for the A's in the ninth with three men on base, not to mention a reputation for being a hitter who can close a game with a retiring win. One last hit; and he put one high and long...Right into a center fielder's mitt.

Mom gets another win to savor.

She was moved up to rehab today. Acute rehab will take a couple of weeks, then she steps down to subacute. Even after her first half day and two hours of therapy she was in good spirits for dinner. A lot of the family came to eat with her. She did her pureed turkey, mashed potatoes and smashed green beans proud, not to mention the wild berry sherbert. We got Wendy's. Still, it was great to hear her laugh; even if she can't talk. Here she is with my sister-in-law Kim. Laura is just off to the side. Some may know that mom is a serious fan of Oriental design. Her assist belt looks just like a Japanese obi. She is smiling because I just told her that all we needed to do was reverse the knot and she was ready for a walk on the ginja.

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