Saturday, October 14, 2006

More baseball and a note on returns

Good news for Tigers fans around the globe. The boys from Detroit are going to the big show. On top of that, I have a new prayer concern on behalf of a priest buddy of mine, and former sports writer, who at this moment is praying like crazy for his beloved Cardinals. Pray harder, Mike, I hope your guys and my guys go head to head. Not that ANYONE on either teams worries about the good natured rivalry Mike and I might share in this possible World Series combo--but hey, you never know. With all that is going on in the Anglican Communion, to argue about baseball sounds like a distinct theological luxury.

Mom is doing well. A humorous moment today was when we were visiting her during lunch. Susie, grand-daughter-in-law expecting her first child, was complaining about her bruises from her latest blood test. A little dot on her right hand. Mom then exhibited her black and blue arms, back and shoulder...WITH AN APPROPRIATE "Awwww!" She can't talk, but her ability to engage is increasing. She even expressed an "opinion" about her menu. Basically, a simple request to end the endless parade of pureed poultry. And I am sure she will never desire cream of wheat again in her lifetime. "Soft diet" means just that: soft.

Now, L and I are preparing for our journey home. Sunday Church is covered tomorrow and we will do the half-and-half drive home, stopping at my mom's on the way for a quick break. Gives me a chance to check in with my mom as well as breaking up a deadly drive into two semi-long intervals.

Still, the night is ending well. Called my dad to celebrate the Tigers win with him. He is stoked that there just might be a rematch between the Tigers and the Cards (revenge for...'68 or '67?). My family, I am sure, from one end of the mitten state to the other are going to bed happy.

Julian of Norwich was right, although I am sure she was not talking about major league baseball, when she said, "All will be well, all will be well, and all manner of things will be well."

Homeward bound.

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