Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The day began easily enough

I woke up early after getting home late (forgot my keys at the office and had to go back for them, thus doubling commute time) after vestry. This morning, at the 8 AM Eucharist, we celebrated the life and witness of James Coleridge Patteson and companions. Then, after a bit of touch base in the office I headed off for a Parish Life organizational meeting. The new vestry leader wanted some time with the sages of the ministry, and we spent a couple of hours together talking about everything from Newcomers' to funeral receptions, from Madd-hatter teas to Cookie Bake.

After that, I took a drive back to the church...deciding to take a long way there and call my wife. While on hands free, driving down School Lane, a woman in a Jeep coming out of her driveway surged into my lane and did over $5K of damage to our two-month old Prius. Ouch. I saw her beginning to turn, and wasn't slowing down because she didn't seem to see me--and she was turning WIDELY into my lane--and it was too late. I took a hit all along the driver's side. I had just enough time to shout out to Laura "I was just in an accident! I'm all right and I'll call you right back!" even as I was processing the feeling of that odd "thwump" of metal on metal.

Amazing how your day can change in an instant.

Thank God no one was hurt. Bummer that a two month old car took the hit. Thank God it did and I didn't feel anything other than a bit of a wrench in the neck from jerking my head back to see what/where she had hit me. My body once upon a time could move that quick. Not so much anymore, but the nerve endings have yet to catch up to atrophied muscles.

So, the middle part of the day was spent taking the car up to the collision center, getting in touch with insurance companies and then starting to negotiate life-with-one-car for the next couple of weeks. I am not blase', so much as pretty moved. Up until that moment, I was pretty churned up with the stress of starting program year-with all its attendant shocks to the system, including budget and stewardship work with vestry last night. Now, I am thankful that no one was hurt in a moment that could have been bad for both of us. The woman might have turned earlier and I would have taken an air bag to the face. She might have hit me harder and knocked me into the ditch. Either one of us could have gotten hurt.

Thank God for $5k of metal and plastic that kept us safe from living with deep regret.

All on a perfect, sunny, breezy fall day.

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