Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sometimes the days choose you

I got home last night after another longish day of post-vacation administrative tangling and got a very sad call. A parishioner, who had of late been spending more time away from Bucks County than here, was killed near her home in Vermont in a horseback riding accident. Another tragedy, and one that continues what seems now to be a series of losses for the parish of people who have held near iconic status for us. These are folks whose presence has in many ways defined the parish for years.

With Beverly's death, we lose so many things: an artist's voice and perspective; a dear friend to many; a striking presence among us. I only had a chance to meet her once or twice, but those encounters left me wishing I had more time with her.

There is a small community of painters here at Trinity, and they to a person express sorrow at her loss. "Oh how awful...How sad...I just spoke to her a few days ago...You know, we had painted together for years..." It is a vacancy we will feel for quite a while, and I am loathe at this point to have yet another funeral go into the books. As much as I love the adamant faith in the resurrection to life of the burial office, I still find myself yearning for a few baptisms and weddings to remind me that life is not just about marking sad transitions. God willing, we will be able to rest for a time from these sorts of transitions. Knock wood.

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