Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Trying to make "proactive" my new middle name

I had a lovely morning, despite Bucks County's now seemingly ever-present rain. This morning's regular midweek Eucharist had a stunning attendance of one: me. I enjoyed getting the chapel sanctuary ready for worship. Gave me some time to clear my head in the country "silence" of rain, traffic passing on Route 263 and the odd smattering of birdsong. After realizing I was flying solo, I reset for morning prayer and took some time to offer up my thoughts and dreams/concerns for myself, my loved ones and my Church. Saying the daily office out loud is not something I usually do, but I figured that if the candles were lit, the ceiling fans doing their best to move the air, and all that...Well, I might as well sit, stand and speak out loud.

The passage was a good one. Sometime from Romans and a passage of Psalm 119. Gave me time to ponder being in the right state of mind as a priest and leader of this parish, which too often eludes me. I get caught up in moods and worries too often. I get cranky. After that, I get into places where frustration can too easily outpace my patience. Then, I can fail as a leader: I get into places where I get soporific, or I get into modes of over-achieving without a clear sense of goal in mind. Finally, prayer life suffers. So, to get a chance to just sit with God for a while and to share familiar words out loud was a gift. Would I have liked to have broken bread and observed the Holy Mysteries in community? Sure. But, I will take what I can get and say AMEN.

That seems healthy....

On another note, today is my "day of rectoring" in that I had a phone conference with my rector's warden at nine and will meet with my advisory committee tonight. Both meetings center on issues of leadership and direction for Trinity. We have a lot of good, hard work ahead of us in the coming months. On top of trying to pull together the resources we need in order to create/recreate the role of an Assistant Rector, I will also be working with the wardens, vestry and strategic planning group in order to process and publish the mutual ministry review report from Carroll Sheppard and to restructure a search/nominating process for vestry. We have some significant transitions to oversee, including: People's Warden, Finance, Church School, Youth, Stewardship and perhaps Strategic Planning. All of these roles, and the people who heed a call to serve in them, will have distinct challenges to face in the coming years. We are dependent on God giving us some great folk to lead others into leadership in these ministries in the years to come.

Like most things in Church life, what we do now is crucial to our continued growth and development as a parish.

So, though I will keep "Keith" for now and for the future (besides, the legality of name change seems a bit absurd)..."Proactive" might be a good candidate for the coming months.

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